Kick back and relax. There’s no more need to worry about where your next pre-owned car, truck, or SUV will come from. Your friends at Ottobot Motors in Irving, TX, are proud to bring you the latest vehicles with the features you want from the brands you love! Many of our happy customers have recently told us that getting financing for a vehicle is often more stressful than picking out the vehicle itself. Sure. When you go to the dealership, they sublet the loan to an outside lender who doesn’t know you. All they look at is the car you want, how far off you are from A-list Hollywood credit, and send you packing. That’s one of the reasons why we’re in business here at Ottobot Motors. We get it. You’ve got challenged credit, but when has a challenge ever stopped anyone in Texas? It’s time to make your stand and get your next car from us because we are the bank, and we’ll get you behind the wheel.

In House Financing Car Lot in Dallas

Ottobot Motors has an on-site used car financing department, so you don’t need to be approved for a bank loan to buy your next used car. We are a buy here, pay here car dealer. After you pick out a used vehicle from our inventory, you can apply for a custom auto loan with our finance team and manage your loan through our dealership.

If your credit score has dropped below tier one, give us a visit. We are a bad credit car dealer that can help drivers with less-than-perfect credit scores be approved for the used car loan they deserve.

  • We are a one-price store. The advertised price is always competitive to market and the best possible deal.
  • We offer fast and easy used car financing. Our process is simple, and our finance team will work with you to get your ducks in a row.
  • We offer an incredible selection of vehicles. You’re going to drive out of here with something you love and something you’re proud of.
  • We can approve you because we are the bank.

“Buy Here, Pay Here” Car Lot in Dallas, TX

Ottobot is the dealership where the phrase “buy here, pay here” comes to life in Irving, TX. We’re all too familiar with the numerous challenges and tough times our community has faced recently. Millions of Texans have taken life’s punches on the chin in the past year or so, banding together to take on a worldwide pandemic in addition to all the daily drags. But no matter what stage of life you’re in, our in-house financing program can help families find a dependable and comfortable car that will get the job done every day. Whether you’re stuck in a rut or riding high, our “buy here, pay here” program helps Texas drivers get behind the wheel of their new favorite four-wheeled friend.

How exactly do we do that? Our “buy here, pay here” program allows us to take you step-by-step through a hassle-free process designed to eliminate worry and expedite the beginning of your new journey. Here’s how our financial department teams up with our customers for quick and easy car financing success.

What is “buy here, pay here?”

“Buy here, pay here” is where our lovely process begins. At our store, you’ll only get one clearly explained price from our staff members. Our advertised price is always competitive to the current market, as they’ll explain in great detail. All of our prices are meant to stand on their own and include all components. We’re happy to show you everything your next “buy here, pay here” purchase will include. You’ll find a massive selection of vehicles in all sizes, shapes, and colors at our lot in Irving, TX. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re going to exit our lot inside a new street slider you’ll love to show off. We can approve you and your new car because we are the bank. Our financial team leaves no stone unturned and will work with you to get the most out of your car within your budget, not anyone else’s.

Which types of car do your “buy here, pay here” dealership have?

There is no shortage of cars to choose from at our “buy here, pay here” dealership here in Dallas, TX. We have Chevrolet, MAZDA, Dodge, Ford, Honda, and many more makes and models that would look great in your driveway.

Remember: A Setback Is a Set-Up for a Come-Back

When you pick out any of our exceptional used cars on our car lot near Dallas, TX, you’re looking at more than a car. You’re looking at a way to turn things around and prove that you’re as good as your word. With a regular car loan payment, you can rebuild and restore your credit for the more important things in life. You can build towards getting a home loan, student loan, or small business loan. All of our vehicles are priced with an easy payment in mind. You’ve already taken the step to commit to a payment. We’re gonna’ help make sure you can do it. Our buy here pay here auto center helps out folks every day in all kinds of situations. It’s our privilege to have an opportunity to serve you as we have so many others. We’ll give you more than a fair shot at Ottobot! See you soon!

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