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Used Jeep Cars For Sale In Irving Near Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

We all know the name. We all know the legend. Born as an answer to the battlefield demands of WWII, the Jeep® became synonymous with durability, versatility, and capability. And now, thanks to Ottobot, the Jeep® can also be associated with some pretty significant savings. If you’re looking for a used Jeep® for sale, you’re in luck. Ottobot Motors has a great selection of used vehicles, top used Jeep® models, and the shopping tools to make getting one as easy as possible. Check out our inventory and top-model overview below!

Define Freedom Your Own Way With Top JEEP® Models

The Jeep® has come a long way since the 1940s, but some things remain the same. In every Jeep® model you find, there’s a sense of adventure, style, and fun that has become part of this iconic make. With Jeep® vehicles being as popular as they are, our inventory is always changing. However, you’ll always find a healthy selection, including models like:

  • The Jeep® Grand Cherokee – Simply put, if you want all of it, the Grand Cherokee gives it to you. Tons of towing power, tons of luxury, tons of room for the whole family. Considering all it can do, could this be the ultimate Jeep®? You decide.
  • The Jeep® Gladiator – Any warrior is prepared. Thanks to the Jeep® Gladiator, you will be, too. Known for its open pickup bed and extended wheel-base, there isn’t anyone or anything that you can’t take along with you. Make sure to bring a good friend when you come in, just to see how jealous they’ll be when you drive off in one!
  • The Jeep® Renegade – The compact SUV from Jeep® gives you style, comfort, and capability. With numerous trims available, you’ll find all the features you need packed in a Jeep® that can do something no other Jeep® can – fit into the smallest parking spot out there.
  • The Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited – Much like the name suggests, the Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited is only limited by your nerves and imagination. One of the largest versions of the “go anywhere” vehicle, you can pack in the whole crew, all their gear, and still have room for the guy who you rescued on the trail when his lesser SUV broke down.

The JEEP® Has Never Been This Capable. The JEEP® Has Never Been This Advanced.

If you’re wondering what you’ll find inside one of our used Jeep® vehicles, we’ll be happy to tell you. Since the vast majority of them are the latest generation, you’ll get to enjoy a lot of the same features found in current year models. Be on the lookout for the following equipment:

  • The Tigershark Turbo-4 Engine
  • The Ecodiesel V6
  • Locking Differentials
  • Touchscreen Infotainment and Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Adaptive Cruise
  • Lane Keep Assistance
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Autonomous Braking
  • Tow Packages

That’s a lot of good stuff. While it’s generally a safe bet to think you’ll find some or all of those features in one of our used Jeep® vehicles, it’s always best to contact one of our used Jeep® specialists to discuss your needs, confirm equipment, and select the right Jeep® for you.

Your Next JEEP® Jamboree Starts at Ottobot Motors

Ottobot Motors believes that the fun-loving, go-anywhere spirit of the Jeep® should be part of the buying process. That’s why we’ve put together some convenient online shopping tools like finance applications, payment calculators, and trade-in appraisals. With this information in hand, you can come in, knowing exactly where things are so you can drive off in total confidence. Whether you’re heading to work, heading into the country, or to one of the incredible national Jeep® rally’s, we’re going to get you off to an incredible start. Thanks for shopping with us. You’ll be glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many years do JEEP® Wranglers last?

With any vehicle from any manufacturer on the market, the specific lifespan it’ll have varies significantly on several factors. These factors include regular maintenance and care, driving habits, climate conditions, and more. That said, many Wrangler models typically will reach 200,000 miles during their lifetime, as their off-road-oriented design means that they were built with durability in mind. As well, Wrangler models that receive frequent, regular maintenance and are well cared for can last 20 years or more, with some reaching over 400,000 miles driven.

Are used JEEP® Grand Cherokees reliable?

Yes, a used Jeep® Grand Cherokee can be a very reliable and long-lived vehicle. From 2016 to today, the Jeep® Grand Cherokee has earned consecutive “Great” ratings from J.D. Power when it comes to quality and reliability, with a score over 80 out of 100 for each of those model years. Naturally, though, the reliability of any used vehicle will depend on the care, maintenance, and driving habits given.

What is the best year for JEEP® Cherokee?

Any model year of used Jeep® Cherokee is a great choice. It offers an affordable price, everyday practicality, good looks, many creature comforts, and off-road prowess that puts it ahead of its compact SUV peers. In particular, though, to get the best balance of affordability, reliability, and modern features, look for a 2018 Jeep® Cherokee. The 2019 model saw an updated exterior design but a near-identical interior. That means you’ll get the same modern features and versatile capabilities, but with an often more attractive price.

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