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Used Hyundai Cars & SUVs For Sale In Irving, TX

If you’re looking for great deals on used cars for sale in Dallas, you’ve come to the right place! Ottobot Motors is a premier used car dealership that helps customers from all over Texas get high-quality cars for a reasonable price. A brand that our buyers know and love is Hyundai. Whether you’re looking for a used Hyundai SUV or a sedan, we have a used Hyundai for sale for you and your unique needs. On this page, you can browse through our inventory and scroll to the bottom to learn more about what makes the Hyundai brand so special.

    Why Buy a Hyundai?

    When it comes to vehicle financing, you want to make sure you’re getting an exceptional car when you spend your hard-earned money. That’s exactly what you’ll get out of a used Hyundai for sale. Not only have all of their models won several awards throughout the years, but the brand itself has been named #1 in Customer Loyalty for 11 years in a row by Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. Now, that’s a statement.

    Want some more reasons to love a used Hyundai for sale? No problem. They’re American made. They’re known to be extremely fuel-efficient, and they even offer hybrid options on some of their top models. They continue to win safety awards from the NHTSA and IIHS year after year. They have great warranties. And, they have great value. And, those are just some of the reasons. Now that you’re sold on this great automaker, let’s tell you about what kind of cars you can find here at Ottobot Motors.

    What Hyundai Vehicles Do You Offer?

    Hyundai has an extremely eclectic vehicle lineup. They have multiple sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs differing in sizing and capability. When you get your used Hyundai for sale with us, you’ll get to choose from top models like:

    • The Hyundai Elantra sedan
    • The Hyundai Sonata sedan
    • The Hyundai Tucson SUV
    • The Hyundai Santa Fe SUV
    • The Hyundai Odyssey minivan

    Whether you’re the head of a large family or you are a solo rider, we have a used Hyundai for you here in Irving, TX. And, since we pride ourselves on our vehicles’ quality, you can expect to find the up-to-date tech and specs you want on any model you love. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Is It Bad To Buy Used?

    This is one of the common misconceptions we do our best to fight every day. Buying used has a ton of benefits. First of all, all of our cars have been thoroughly inspected, road-tested, and detailed. We would never sell you a car our technicians disapprove of. Besides that, you’ll love these factors when buying used:

    1. It will take less time to pay off your used Hyundai for sale.
    2. You get a larger variety of styles, trims, and models to look at.
    3. The bulk of the depreciation on the vehicle has already occurred.
    4. You can make any customizations you want.
    5. You’ll likely have cheaper registration fees and lower insurance premiums.

    We believe getting a used car or SUV with us is a no brainer. But, if you have any more questions about the used car-buying process, please let us know. We’d be happy to help.

    Get Yours at Ottobot Motors in Dallas

    At Ottobot Motors, we pride ourselves on our Buy Here Pay Here philosophy. We know that times are tough. And no matter what type of credit you have, we can approve you ourselves because we are the bank at our dealership––that’s right. No outside vendors. No begging the bank for loans. We do it all right here, in house. We work one on one with you!

    So what are you waiting for? A used Hyundai for sale is calling your name. Call, email, or visit us today to get started!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Do Hyundai cars last long?

    Yes, modern Hyundai vehicles have earned their place amongst brands known for vehicles that last a long time. Be aware, though; the lifespan of any vehicle can vary depending on the care, maintenance, driving habits, and climate conditions it faces. In general, though, you can expect a Hyundai vehicle to last you for up to, and sometimes even over, 200,000 miles when you give it regular maintenance and care.

    Is the Hyundai ELANTRA a good used car?

    Yes, a used Hyundai Elantra presents exceptional used-car value. A compact car with surprising everyday practicality, a used Elantra offers you great fuel efficiency, a great price, and a modern style to boot. As well, reliability is yet another benefit to a used Elantra, with RepairPal giving it a 4.5 out of 5 score — a ranking of eighth place out of 36 other compact cars on the market.

    What is the best year for a used Hyundai SANTA FE?

    Any model year of used Hyundai Santa Fe SUVs will provide great value when it comes to practicality, efficiency, features, and comfort. That said, certain years have a better balance of price and features. Among them, we’d recommend a used 2014 or 2015 Santa Fe, as it strikes that price balance perfectly with a spacious interior, modern features, and more.

    What year is the most reliable Hyundai TUCSON?

    Any year of the Hyundai Tucson will offer you strong reliability, with great everyday practicality, modern features, and efficiency as well. That said, the third generation Tucson is known to stand out as a significantly reliable generation. In particular, Consumer Reports gave the 2019 Tucson a rating of four out of five for reliability, making it a best-in-class vehicle. This year is known to last for 200,000 miles with regular maintenance, which means you can have confidence in one for many years.

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