Toyota Corolla Vs. Honda Civic: Compare Specs And Features

Toyota Corolla Vs. Honda Civic

Ottobot Motors is thrilled to present this Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic comparison page. We’ve got two world-renowned superheroes on our hands, so how do you even begin to say one is better than the other? We won’t spoil the fun this early on, but we will say this, there is definitely an answer. Read to the end of this Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic comparison to see the conclusion that we’re pretty sure will shock you. Check out our used car buying checklist to see how we arm you with the tools to make the best choice then scroll on for more information.

Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic Interior

We’ve got tons of ground to cover, so let’s start where you’ll be spending most of your time. With budget-friendly design coming from these manufacturers, you can expect to find everything you need and nothing you don’t. But don’t be fooled. “Budget-friendly” doesn’t mean stripped-down. When comparing the Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic interior, both models offer all the modern essentials you could hope for. Here’s what we mean:

  • Your Toyota Corolla Interior – Depending on your body style (hatchback or sedan), your Toyota Corolla will vary slightly in terms of rear-bench space, with the hatchback providing more cargo room while the sedan offers more rear-seat legroom. Going for the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid? No worries there. The battery does not take up cabin space, so you don’t lose any interior comfort. Touch-screen infotainment is standard, as is smartphone integration and app connectivity. Depending on your year, certain apps and features like ambient lighting and seat heating could be optional. Cloth seating is standard, and leather is available.
  • Your Honda Civic Interior – The Honda Civic offers sedan, coupe, and hatchback body styles. So depending on your cargo needs or passenger requirements, you’ll have to be smart about which model will work best for you. All models enjoy ambient noise filtration, touch-screen infotainment, smartphone connectivity, and plenty of storage. While most drivers won’t mind that USB and power outlets are missing in the back, you might hear the occasional rear-seat complaint, depending on the exact year and model trim.

Both of these vehicles offer plenty of modern appointments to satisfy driving styles and cargo needs. And even though the Honda Civic offers one more body style than the Toyota Corolla, we’d have to say the point goes to the Toyota Corolla in this Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic section.

Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic Specs

Let’s pop the hood and kick the tires for a second. With nearly 20 different trim levels between these two models, there are a lot of different features that should be taken into consideration when comparing Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic specs. A bevy of four-cylinder engines, manual and automatic transmissions, as well as hybrid powertrains, make their appearance. Here’s the scoop:

  • The Honda Civic – Model year will play into these features somewhat, but nearly all late-model Honda Civics will have a powerband stretching from 158 horsepower to 306 horsepower. Those looking to balance the best of all worlds will find an appealing solution with the Honda Civic Si, which offers 205 horsepower, a sport chassis, and distinctive design elements. A six-speed manual or CVT transmission is available throughout the model range.
  • The Toyota Corolla – You’ll find a comfortable CVT transmission or manual transmission here, too. Power comes from a 139-horsepower engine or a 169-horsepower engine (as found in the Toyota Corolla SE models and upward). The Toyota Corolla offers nimble steering and agility. Perfect for those commuting in and out of tight spaces. Speaking of commuting, the Toyota Corolla might have the edge over the Honda Civic. The hybrid model gets an astonishing EPA-rated 53 mpg1 (and that’s just in the city)!

The Honda Civic seems to give you more choices in terms of models and lifestyle expression, but the Toyota Corolla also offers an economical hybrid variant. Since these two vehicles are about offering economy, we’d say the point in this Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic section goes to the Toyota Corolla and its fuel-sipping hybrid.

Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic Reliability

The Oxford Dictionary defines reliability as: “the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well.” It goes on to use the word reliability in a sentence that we find totally appropriate: “the car’s background gives me every confidence in its reliability.” If backgrounds are the key driver for a vehicle’s reliability, then this section is almost a conversation that we don’t have to have!

According to, the Toyota Corolla gets a 4.5 out of 5.0, giving it the #1 spot on a list of 36 compact cars for cost of ownership and reliability. The study further states that annual repair costs are as little as $362. This same report also gives the Honda Civic a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating, but the Honda Civic gets the Bronze medal here. The Honda Civic has an annual repair cost of $368, a whopping $6 more than the Toyota Corolla.

Both of these vehicles have legendary reputations for reliability, and based on their fanatic global fanbase, the Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic reliability battle comes out as a tie.

Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic FAQs

Which one is better, Corolla or Honda Civic?

This is a really tough question to answer. Both of these cars have great reputations. Both have excellent safety scores. Both offer the latest in vehicle entertainment technologies. That said, if we are judging on price alone, here’s an example: A new 2021 Toyota Corolla has a starting price of $20,075 MSRP2 while a 2021 Honda Civic has a starting price of $21,250 MSRP.2 While pricing for used models can vary depending on the year and mileage of the respective vehicle, a Corolla usually costs about $1,100 less than a Civic. Is the respective difference in price enough to determine which one is better? We’ll let you decide!

Is a Honda Civic smaller than a Toyota Corolla?

No, it is not. By a mere inch and a quarter, the Toyota Corolla holds true to its name’s meaning of “The Little Crown.” The Honda Civic has an overall length of 184 inches, while the Toyota Corolla measures 182.3 inches.

Which Corolla is the best?

Another subjective question, but if we’re looking at sales numbers alone, the Toyota Corolla XSE seems to have an edge on other models. We attribute its popularity to its sharp-looking LED headlights and sporty exterior. Go for the Toyota Corolla SE and get similar features with additional savings.

Which is better, Honda Civic Sport or EX?

Another tough question! The Honda Civic Sport has more horsepower than some early American small-block V-8s. However, the 2021 Honda Civic EX gets a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers 174 horsepower. So if power is your thing, then the Honda Civic EX is better (between these two trims, anyway).

Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic Conclusions

We take great pride in all of our used cars for sale here at Ottobot Motors. But when we’re talking about the Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic, we’re looking at two legendary players in the compact sedan segment. Both of them are wildly popular anywhere on the planet. Both brands have exceptional track records for safety and longevity. So back to the original question that we promised to answer at the start of all this. Which one is better?

Drumroll, please.

The answer is: neither. The deciding factor for the real answer to this question will be you and your needs. It’s going to come down to timing, your wants, our inventory, and your expectations. Rest assured that no matter which one you choose, you’ll have a reliable new best friend that will be with you for the long haul.

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