Used Lexus Cars For Sale in Irving Near Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Buying a used Lexus for sale can be a way to own a car synonymous with “luxury” for a very competitive price. This automaker’s first debut in the United States was in 1989, and since then, it has only continued to impress with its high-performance powertrains, smooth ride quality, premium materials, and ever-evolving technology. Scroll through our listings for your dream model.

What Lexus Used Cars for Sale Should You Look Out For?

While our inventory will naturally fluctuate as trade-ins come in and high-quality vehicles find their way to new homes, there are many options that you should consider if they show up on our lot.

Those looking for a sedan might want a Lexus ES. It is currently in its seventh generation, which started in 2019. However, the beauty of Lexus vehicles is their timelessness. A model from 2015 can move swiftly but powerfully down the road with its V-6 engine and look good doing it. With plentiful legroom and a standard rearview camera, this is a well-rounded daily driver.

You might also try a Lexus LS or IS on for size. The IS is typically a bit smaller than the ES and, therefore, more maneuverable with a sportier flair. Meanwhile, the LS can usually be expected to edge out the ES in terms of cargo space and can sometimes feature more opulent amenities.

Interested in a used Lexus SUV for sale? We can’t blame you, as these vehicles provide the luxury of space, as well as all the quality that comes with a Lexus vehicle. A used Lexus RX 350 from 2020 sports a V-6 engine, with both FWD and AWD versions available. Its ride is silky smooth to make your morning commute or weekend escapes near Fort Worth more relaxing. It doesn’t skimp on the standard driver assistance or infotainment technology, either. You can find this vehicle as a sport model or a three-row vehicle with an extended wheelbase.

Other popular options for a used Lexus for sale include the UX, NX, GX, or LX. With fuel efficiency being especially important for families with larger vehicles, keep a watchful eye out for any hybrid models from this maker that can save you a significant amount at the pump.

Our filtering features can make it simpler to sort through our selection. However, you can also call our team directly. Not only can we point you to the right vehicle, but we may be able to tell you about recent arrivals that haven’t even been put on the website yet. If we do not have something that matches every item on your wishlist, letting us know what you are after can lead us to contact you if something qualifying arrives.

Shop for a Used Lexus for Sale Near Dallas

If you live in Irving, TX, or near Dallas and are looking for something new-to-you to drive, check out our extensive selection. In addition to Lexus vehicles, we can also help you test-drive a used BMW for sale.

Comparing models from different makers head-to-head may help you make a more informed choice, so ask about the horsepower of one of our used Audi cars for sale against a Lexus RX or about the size of their touch-screen displays, and we’ll give you the transparent answers you need. When you finally have the keys to your vehicle, it will be with the full confidence that you got a great ride for your hard-earned money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular models of used Lexus vehicles?

Some of the most popular used Lexus models include the Lexus RX 350, the Lexus ES 350, the Lexus IS 350, and the Lexus NX 250. They stand out in their respective segments for luxury, reliability, safety, and value. Other used Lexus models, like the Lexus GS 350, are popular choices, too. To find the best used Lexus for sale for your lifestyle, visit Ottobot Motors in Irving, TX, today.

What is the typical life span of a used Lexus vehicle?

The typical life span of a properly maintained used Lexus vehicle is around 200,000 miles. Used Lexus models are highly regarded vehicles for their reliability and can cross this mark. However, the longevity of any used vehicle will depend on how you treat it. Accelerating and braking smoothly, following manufacturer-provided maintenance schedules, and driving on ideal road conditions will help extend your used Lexus vehicle’s life even further.

How reliable are used Lexus vehicles?

Used Lexus vehicles are well-regarded for their reliability. For example, the 2022 Lexus ES sedan was ranked by J.D Power as the #1 midsize premium car with a Quality & Reliability score of 87 out of 100.1 Similarly, the 2021 Lexus RX SUV was ranked top of its class by J.D Power and received a Quality & Reliability score of 85 out of 100.2

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1Reference to this third-party claim is solely for informational purposes and not to be relied upon. For details regarding this rating, visit

2Reference to this third-party claim is solely for informational purposes and not to be relied upon. For details regarding this rating, visit

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